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Steen-Hansen develops and produces specialized coatings for industry and challenging environments both on-shore and at sea.

The company aims to be a benchmark supplier of impregnation products for nets and other materials in the sea. We will contribute to sustainable development within our markets as a long-term and attractive partner for customers and employees.

We are a privately-owned company with all our production and development activities based in Norway.

Steen-Hansen is the market leader of antifouling products and coatings for aquaculture nets, with a presence in major industrialized aquaculture regions (including Norway, Chile, UK, and the Mediterranean).

Our aim is to offer the best impregnation and coating products on the market – in order to help our customers keep their nets clean:

We co-operate with a range of companies and research institutions in Norway and abroad, and we have a stated aim to contribute to the reduction of the use of copper in the aquaculture industry in Norway and around the world. Our modern product portfolio demonstrates that we have taken major steps towards achieving this goal.

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