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The clean nets of the future shall be supplied with sustainable net protection

This is how we work

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Development methods

We have built a specialized laboratory. HALT (highly accelerated lifetime testing); can test and simulate the restrains which influence the net in a controlled environment.. 

We have customers and fish farmers working closely with us in our development processes. These delivers the premises and "design critrerias" for how the end product shall be. 

Product approval

  • Antifouling products must be approved by European Union (ECHA - BPR) before being sold on the European market.

  • Antifouling product can only contain those active substances also approved by ECHA - BPR

  • A product approval takes 2 – 4 years and ensures that the product is safe to use for humans, fish and the environment. 

  • The quality of documentation and risk to health and environment is scrutinized by competent governmental authorities.

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