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Biodegradable active substances with high efficacy against fouling organisms

Active substances for aquaculture is derived from the much larger industry of ship hull paints. When a biocide is to be used for net protection in fish farms it is important to consider not only environmental risks but also it's food near application. The solution must be safe for fish welfare as well as not accumulative in fish tissues.  Modern antifouling technology has proven that it is possible to have fully functional biofouling protection systems without copper. 

AquaNet Protect - an active coating

AquaNet Protect is developed as an active coating. This means that it in addition to delay entry of biofouling also withstands light in-situ cleaning. Therefore, the need for in-situ cleaning operations can be reduced while the net remains protected even after the first cleaning.

Steen-Hansen has tested all active ingredients applicable and approved for use in the sea. In cooperation with Janssen PMP is Econea® identified as the best candidate. High efficacy, long protection time and that it is biodegradable - makes Econea® especially suited for aquaculture.  Together with increased resistance to mechanical wear and tear and its own algae protection, copper free antifouling from Steen-Hansen make good choices for future fish farming.

AquaNet Protect is a copper free product range from Steen-Hansen based on Econea®.


Copper free antifouling

AquaNet B20 is a water-based and wax-based copper-free antifouling developed to meet demands of areas with  medium to lower fouling pressure. It is designed to be an alternative to copper-based AquaNet Standard. If you have a more exposed farm site with strong current and/or colder water this product may be an option for you. AquaNet B20 has Econea® as the main biocide.

AquaNet B30 is a water-based and wax-based, more traditional type of antifouling, but of course copper-free. It will eventually replace the copper-based AquaNet Ultra since these two variants have roughly the same degree of efficiency in the sea. AquaNet B30 has, like AquaNet Protect, Econea® as the main biocide.

AquaNet B45 is built on the same batten and is in many ways a similar product to AquaNet B30, but has a greater proportion of biocide and thus also an expected longer degree of effectiveness in sea. AquaNet B45 will eventually replace the copper-reduced AquaNet Boost as these two variants have the same biocide effect and thus also the same expected degree of effectiveness in the sea.

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