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Competences on biology and aquaculture is key to our work.

It helps us to develop and manufacture the products which the aquaculture industry requires.

Biological research and trials 

Together with NORCE (prev. UNI Miljø) we have seen closer on whether fish disease pathogens can be found in the biofouling on the fish farm nets. That it can. And we have received support from the Norwegian Regional Research Fund (Regionalt forskningsfond)  to research for methods and products to reduce the risk for disease outbreaks based on such pathogens in the biofouling.

We do also do research on how fish health can be influenced by biocides. This is an important prerequisite for us to introduce new biocides to aquaculture. 

Please contact us if you want to know more about the results. 

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The little book on fouling

We have collected most relevant information you need to know about fouling species and population in "The little book on fouling". This is a thorough but easy to understand encyclopedia which will be useful for both students, breeders and all with interest for fish farming. The brief let is available in multiple languages, is divided by regions (Norway, UK, Chile and the Mediterranean sea). It can be ordered by clicking the tab beneath.  

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