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Environment and technology development - two sides of the same coin.

Steen-Hansen places considerable emphasis on product development. We aim to be at the forefront and offer our customers the best solutions, both for their economy and the environment.

  • We have implemented the UN sustainability goals in our strategy and identified specific actions to reach those goals. 

  • We have introduced «product stewardship» as our guideline when developing new technology. That means that we look at the total picture; our products must be safe, recyclable and effective during production, application, in the sea and as waste.

Aquaculture Netting
Aquaculture Netting
Aquaculture Net
Aquaculture Netting

Their environmental footprint must be acceptable at all times. That is why we have established a specialised laboratory, HALT (highly accelerated lifetime testing), which can test and simulate the conditions to which nets are exposed. This is why we use recycled copper and have introduced a recycling system for transport containers. This is why we have invested in understanding the biology of fouling species and disseminating information about clean nets.

Steen-Hansen co-operates closely with fish farmers, netlofts and research institutions. RISE, IMR, UNI Environment, UiB and Janssen PMP are examples of external research bodies that are working with us,contributing to the development of impregnation products for the future. We are leading the race with better and biodegradable substances, always within what is safe for human and fish health.

Tradition and innovation
Steen-Hansen's product development strategy embodies both past and future, based on 80 years of experience working with paint production and an innovative approach to R&D. We target the international markets and have accumulated extensive expertise within our core business. This has been made possible thanks to our flexible, creative, versatile and professional specialists, many who have strong links to international research groups. 

Meeting customer demand
Throughout our history, we have maintained close ties with customers, allowing us to develop the best possible products in terms of quality, performance and environmental protection. These are the very cornerstones for development of all our products for aquaculture, fishing and the building industry. 

Providing a varied range of products and performance requires meticulous development work along with the correct choice of raw materials and a high level of expertise. We also promote a flexible and creative approach at work, and a pleasant working environment. We encourage our employees to enjoy a challenge, be innovative and always keep in mind the environment and quality.

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