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Steen-Hansen and Ecolab collaborate to enhance fish welfare and optimize Aquaculture

Bergen, 06.05.2024

A close collaboration that is pioneering innovative solutions to forge new frontiers in aquaculture biosecurity with the NetCare Program

Steen-Hansen, a global market leader on antifouling and coating for aquaculture purposes, and Ecolab, a global sustainability leader offering water solutions and services, today announced the collaboration to further develop Steen-Hansen’s NetCare program to jointly address fish welfare through sustainable, innovative solutions, securing biosecurity in a broad aquacultural sector.

Optimized aquaculture plays a vital role in meeting the world‘s food demand and is recognized as the fastest-growing food production system globally. As an alternative to sea overfishing, it offers a solution to combat the depletion of fish stocks, a key factor driving the current decline in ocean biodiversity. Aquaculture farming in the EU yielded 1.1 million tonnes of aquatic organisms in 2021, worth € 4.2 billion.1 Norway‘s production exceeds the total EU production in volume, and it is the ninth largest producer globally.

In a collaborative effort, Steen-Hansen and Ecolab are pioneering advancements in aquaculture by improving fish health, reducing cross-contamination and enhancing the output of fish farms. The collaboration is honing the specification of net hygiene through their innovative NetCare program — a comprehensive framework that encompasses specialized training, rigorous procedures, and measurable results for the disinfection of aquaculture nets.

Ecolab‘s innovative and aquaculturally approved products undergo thorough testing to help ensure they meet industry standards for material compatibility, practical functionality, and effectiveness. This helps promote the highest level of biosecurity and food safety, safeguarding against the rapid growth of biofouling which compromises net integrity and poses significant risks to the health of farmed fish populations.

Steen-Hansen‘s cutting-edge NetCare certification program represents an important step to solidify an end-to-end hygienic process for the maintenance of fish farm nets. This robust regime of cleaning, disinfection, and coating is more than a procedure — it‘s a pivotal line of defense. It is instrumental in preventing the cross-contamination of pathogens between fish farms, a crucial step in averting potential mass fatalities within farmed fish communities.

“Strengthening biosecurity measures for fish farms has become one of the most important challenges for sustainable growth in this industry, and we see the need for a holistic approach to improve fish welfare. Being able to supply compatible technologies, training and quality assurance has long been the goal for Steen-Hansen, and together with the extensive competency and portfolio of Ecolab we can fulfill an important solution for our customers.”, said Ulrik Ulriksen, CEO, Steen-Hansen.

“Product stewardship is paramount to Ecolab in every aspect of our global operations. We strive to make a positive impact across our actions and products” said Lars-Martin Haugberg, Head of Sales, Norway & Finland, Ecolab. “By collaborating with Steen-Hansen, which represents a holistic, steadfast approach to fish welfare, we help secure the stewardship further.”

Steen-Hansen and Ecolab are committed to helping advance aquaculture practices that can not only enhance operational efficiency but also help promote the health and longevity of marine life. This collaboration aims at setting new industry benchmarks to deliver a controlled, effective, and sustainable model for to help safeguard against the proliferation of aquatic diseases.


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