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Environment modelling

Estimate the environmental foot print from the net pen  in your local conditions
Modeling of environmental impact from net pens relative to the water quality and sediment will show whether this specific fish farm site is operating within an acceptable environmental risk, and without the danger of accumulating unwanted chemicals. 

The diploma is based on the following criterias:

  • Modeling of the sites emission compared to the withstand ability of the fish farm site  (Predicted Environmental Concentration - PEC)

  • Specific environmental conditions for the fish farm site 

  • Specific mode of operation for the fish farm site

  • Regulatory requirements for biocidal products (EU-BPR)

  • Usage of approved antifouling products for the fish farm site

Order an environmental diploma for your fish farm

All fish farmers using AquaNet antifouling can ask to have a diploma specifically for their fish farm site. 
In order for us to produce this diploma we just have to ask some questions about the site, these will be loaded into the MAMPEC modeling tool, and the diploma will be manually produced based on environmental modeling. The information is treated confidential and will not be used for marketing purposes.  

About Environmental documentation - PEC
Predicted Environmental Concentration (PEC) is a well known and recognized method by EU for modeling risk and for accumulation or environmental impact from chemical compounds used in fish farming in accordance with the European Chemical Agency - ECHA-16-G-03-EN, Environmental exposure assessment. The modeling is performed in compliance with the standard scenario stated by the Norwegian Environmental Department, and adjusted for peculiarities of the fish farm site.   

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